Please find below information with respect to the Blu-ray Disc Rewritable ("BD-RE") Disc Registration Agreement under essential Philips patents. ("Philips patents only"). Use the navigation options on the right to find relevant information about this program.

If you are a buyer of BD-RE Discs and you want to ensure that such BD-RE Discs are properly licensed under essential Philips patents, visit our special buyer page.

BD-RE Disc Registration Agreement (Philips patents only) VEEZA 
Philips offers agreements to manufacturers of BD-RE Single Layer ("SL") Discs and BD-RE Dual Layer ("DL") Discs that specify the terms and conditions under which manufacturers may apply for a license on a per-batch basis and to apply for LSCDs in order to use certain essential Philips patents for BD-RE Discs. Note that in addition to the essential Philips patents, other parties may own patents relevant to BD-RE Discs. The use of those patents is NOT included in this agreement. For information on the conditions to use other parties' patents, contact those other parties directly.


Licensing policy

Philips has a general licensing policy for CD, DVD and BD related products.


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Detailed Description


The BD Format Specifications, the BD Format and Logo License Agreement and the BD Information Agreement are available from:

Blu-ray Disc Association 
10 Universal City Plaza, T-100
Universal City CA 91608
Fax: +1-818-763-9027 for more information
see also

Patents / Agreements

Below you will find a list of essential Philips patents relevant for the BD-RE  Discs.

Philips is in the process of identifying the essential patents. Therefore the list will be subject to change. Please visit our website regularly for the latest information.

BD-RE patent lists

Annex B for BD-RE SL Disc

Annex B for BD-RE DL Disc

BD-RE agreements

Registration Agreement for BD-RE SL Disc Manufacturers

Registration Agreement for BD-RE DL Disc Manufacturers

Pricing Information

The royalty rate is specified in the agreement and listed below:


Royalty Rate
0.06 Euro per BD-RE SL Disc
0.06 Euro per BD-RE DL Disc

Notes :

I. Special discounts are available before March 31st., 2010. For information contact your account manager or fill in the contact form.

II. In case of any discrepancy between the royalty rate mentioned above and the agreement, the terms and conditions of the agreement shall prevail.

Overview of royalty rates
+link to overview of royalty rates

Services / Information

Ordering & Services: 

Ordering specifications

For more information go to the Ordering & Services section



My company is manufacturing and selling BD-RE Discs, what should I do?

Your company likely makes use of essential Philips patents and therefore needs a license from Philips:

I. Review the patent lists (see Patents/Agreements)

II. Verify whether your company manufactures and sells products in countries where Philips has essential patents;

III. Contact Philips (see Contact); and

IV. Take appropriate financial measures to reserve the applicable royalty amounts for the products you have manufactured and sold or intend to manufacture and sell.

Where do I find the guidelines for the Registration Logo? 
Visit the  VEEZA Logo Guide


Information and contact

General Licensing information

This document explains our main principles for administering licensing programs related to CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc. This document is for information purposes only.

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