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DVD-Audio Disc Patent License (Philips only)

We offer patent licenses to manufacturers of DVD audio discs. Our license provides DVD audio disc manufacturers with all the required Philips patents in a package.
Please note that in addition to the essential patents of Philips, other parties may own patents relevant for the system concerned. These patents are NOT included in this license agreement. For information on the conditions of these licenses, please contact these other parties directly.

Philips offers a joint license that also covers essential patents of Sony and Pioneer. For full details, click DVD Audio Disc joint


Licensing policy

Philips has a general licensing policy for CD, DVD and BD related products.


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Detailed Description

The detailed terms and conditions of the licensing program are described in the patent license agreement that you can find in the patents/agreements section.

Some important information:
The Philips only DVD-Audio Disc Patent License Agreement comprises the essential patents of Philips. A worldwide list of the essential patents, together with applicable expiry dates is attached to the agreement. Under the terms of the standard license agreement we only require payment of royalties of patents where any of these are actually used – in other words, either in the country of manufacture or in the country of sale.

DVD audio disc licensees have at all times the option to transfer to the latest version of the DVD-Audio Disc Patent License Agreement. In the event of such transfer, Philips shall not require the payment of the entrance fee under the new license agreement.

Reference copies of the current version of the Philips DVD Audio Disc Patent License Agreement, together with the relevant Annexes, including worldwide patent lists, can be found in the patents/agreements section and the annexes section.
As part of new licenses and as part of settlement of disputes, manufacturers are now required to sign a side-letter setting forth the mandatory LSCD requirement. Such side-letters are also available to existing manufacturers wishing to demonstrate to their customers that they will only ship products covered by a valid LSCD issued by Philips. Manufacturers with this requirement are listed on Philips Licensee database with an asterisk (*). For more information about LSCD’s please visit our Supplier/Buyer page.

Patents / Agreements

Below you find patent lists and relevant agreements for DVD-Audio Disc.

DVD-Audio Patent lists 
The essential patents and their expiry dates. Please click the link to open the PDF file.

DVD Audio disc/DVD Audio Part

Exhibit E1+E2 - Essential Philips' patents relevant to DVD Audio Disc/DVD Audio part

DVD Audio disc/DVD ROM Part

Exhibit E1 - Essential Philips' patents relevant to DVD Audio Disc/DVD ROM part

DVD Audio disc/DVD Video Part

Exhibit E2 - Essential Philips' patents relevant to DVD Audio Disc/DVD Video part

DVD Audio disc/MPEG Audio part

Exhibit E3 - Essential Philips' patents relevant to DVD Audio Disc/MPEG Audio part

DVD Audio disc/AC-3 Audio part

Exhibit E4 - Essential Philips' patents relevant to DVD Audio Disc/AC-3 Audio part


+ link to change history of patent lists

Reference copies of the current version of the DVD-Audio Disc Patent License Agreement can be found below. Please click the link to open the PDF-file.

These versions are intended for prospective licensees:

DVD-Audio Disc Patent License Agreement
+ Manufacturer located in U.S.A

DVD Audio Disc Patent License Agreement - USA -

+ Manufacturer located in Rest of the World

DVD Audio Disc Patent License Agreement - Rest of the World -

Side Letter :

Side Letter to the Philips DVD Audio Disc Patent License Agreement - USA/ROW -

To view Royalty Reporting Forms, Audit Guidelines, Manufacturing Equipment list and Side Letters go to section Annexes

Pricing Information

The royalty rate is determined by one key factor:

1) Status of the licensee
If the company fulfills certain conditions, such as complete, true and accurate reporting and timely payment, reward rates are available. Otherwise the standard rate applies.

Note of caution
Compliance reward royalty rates are only made available to licensees who are in FULL compliance with their obligations under the license agreement.

Regular DVD-Audio Disc
Standard rate
Compliant reward rate
DVD-Audio 0.03 USD N.A.

Note: In the event of any discrepancy in respect of the above information with relevant license agreements, the license agreements shall prevail. All terms and conditions will be subject to relevant license agreements.

Overview of royalty rates for all formats
+ link to overview of royalty rates for all formats

Services / Information

Ordering & Services: We provide a number of services for optical disc and drive manufacturers. These include:
· Physical and logical verification
· Specification documents
· Test discs
· Tools

. Ordering specifications

For more information go to the Ordering & Services section


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What is the SID code?

The CD replication industry developed a code system (SID code also known as IFPI code) to be employed by CD, DVD & SA-CD manufacturing plants to identify all discs mastered and/or replicated in their plant. Each CD-, DVD- and SA-CD manufacturing facility around the world has their own unique code and this enables the music industry to trace the origin of CDs.

The Source IDentification Code (SID Code) provides an optical disc production facility with the means to identify:
- all discs mastered and/or replicated in its plant;

- and the individual Laser Beam Recorder (LBR) signal processor or mould that produced a particular stamper or disc.

Each production facility that wishes to implement the use of the SID Code is issued with its own unique code(s). The SID Code was developed for use with the CD format, but is now being used for both CD and High Density disc formats, including DVD and Super Audio CD.

The SID Code was developed jointly by rights owners and the optical disc industry, primarily as an anti-piracy tool. However, since its introduction in 1994, the SID Code has proved a major benefit to optical disc producers. Its use both as a quality control tool and as a marketing tool has ensured that the SID Code, which was introduced on a purely voluntary basis, has now been implemented in over 80% of the world’s optical disc plants, representing over 90% of worldwide optical disc manufacturing capacity.

Link to IFPI

Document: SID code implementation guide

Document: Application form SID code

Document: Good Business Practices for optical disc mastering & manufacturing plants


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