the world’s most robust optical sensing software library. 

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Philips heart rate is a robust and proven software library that delivers advanced, accurate metrics for fitness, wellbeing, and health applications. It draws on Philips know-how in mass production of consumer products. Together with our concise health care knowledge and a strong background in digital signal processing research and development, heart rate incorporates advanced signal processing algorithms that account for the wearer’s motion to deliver robust and accurate heart rate measurement.

Heart rate monitoring is a standard feature on today’s fitness trackers and smart watches. However, these devices typically only provide a good general indication of the wearer’s heart-rate.  Many factors can affect the accuracy of the reading including ambient light, skin condition and especially movement. To be able to offer more advanced metrics a much more robust and proven heart rate measurement is required. Examples are fitness and stress levels as well as for emerging health and wellness applications, where accurate measurement is required for product certification.

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Philips heart rate features robust signal processing algorithms that deliver accurate results robust to ambient light, motion and the wearer’s age or skin type. Our heart rate algorithm has been extensively validated and covers both CTA and Android Wear criteria. And when matched with appropriate sensing hardware, herart rate delivers results equivalent to an ECG chest band sensor, enabling FDA Class II certification for medical applications. 

Low power

Keeping power consumption to a minimum is critical for wearables and with a power draw of less than 0.5 Mw (measured in ref design) for continuous heart rate monitoring the  software helps keep your devices running longer.

Wide range of metrics

First introduced to the market in 2013, Philips heart rate initially only supported heart rate measurement. This has been continuously expanded, and today, the software library now includes 14 different metrics, with more under development, making Philips the leading provider of Cardio and Motion Measurement solutions. 

The complete list of metrics included in the library are:

Vital Signs

• Heart Rate – highly accurate basic measurement needed for other metrics
• Heartbeat Timestamp - indicates the position of the pulse of the individual heartbeats enabling heart rate variability (HRV) analysis.
• Respiration Rate – a key metric for managing stress and chronic illnesses such as sleep apnea


• Resting Heart Rate – fitness measure for non-sport related activity tracking
• VO2 max (peak oxygen uptake) - measures the ability of the body to sustain metabolic needs during physical exertion
• Cardio Fitness Index – an easy to understand fitness level metric for amateur athletes


• Activity Count – amount of motion in a one-second interval
• Activity Type – automatic detection of activity: walking, running, cycling, etc.
• Motion Cadence – number of strides per minute for walking, number of revolutions for cycling
• Motion Speed – estimate of speed when walking or running e.g. when GPS tracking is not available
• Energy Expenditure – amount of calorie consumed by physical activity


• Skin Proximity


• Sleep Session – creates a hypnogram of sleep stages similar to clinical polysomnography

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