People seeking a better work-life balance are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of how stress is affecting their life. They realize that emotional fitness is at least as important as physical fitness – and you certainly cannot have one without the other. The basis of EmoGraphy is the biopsychological stress model. The idea is that stress is a normal bodily response to doing too much and resting too little for too long. Both emotional and physical stress trigger responses are taken into account. This mindset empowers users to cope with stress and with the right guidance to reduce stress symptoms.

Philips has developed a novel technology that provides insights into a person’s daily stress level, in a way that is easy to understand. EmoGraphy helps consumers achieve and maintain a better and balanced lifestyle by providing insight in stress levels and cognitive functioning of the brain. It can predict cognitive zone changes up to an hour ahead, and advises the user in plain language on appropriate actions.

Through awareness and coaching, EmoGraphy helps the users to improve their lifestyle. It provides actionable insights that allow users to manage their emotional and physical stress so they can perform in the optimal cognitive zone in their daily activities.

Philips has found a unique method to calculate the cortisol release because of emotional and physical stress by measuring changes in skin conductance. Cortisol is the most accurate measure of stress but it can only be measured via blood or saliva samples. Through these cortisol calculations, Philips is able to determine easy to understand the CognitiveZone of the user. The current stress situation is displayed in the StressLevel score

EmoGraphy delivers

Our EmoGraphy technology provides a unique method for determining StressLevel and the CognitiveZone. It delivers:

  • Easy, unobtrusive, short-term daily stress monitoring
  • Technology that enables wearables that can be worn comfortably on the wrist and elsewhere
  • Current level of stress in StressLevel score
  • CognitiveZone classification and insight into personal situation
  • Interpretation and explanation of data and advice for optimal performance
  • Improved wellbeing and quality of life
  • Predictions of CognitiveZone changes 60 minutes in advance

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Emotional stress is characterized by a series of bodily responses, including increased sweating resulting in a rise in skin conductance, and the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Accurate stress assessments can only be made by measuring changes in the amount of stress-induced cortisol.

Cortisol helps combat stress and has a wide range of effects on the body including increased blood pressure and glucose production, vigilance, and improved emotional memory. However, high cortisol levels may negatively affect cognitive performance such as contemplation, strategic thinking and memory function. While low levels are thought to increase fatigue by making tasks appear tougher, limiting endurance of sustained physical and mental activities.

Cortisol is typically measured using saliva swabs, not something that you can constantly do to monitor cortisol levels. However, in testing we found that there is a correlation between skin conductance and the stress induced cortisol. EmoGraphy utilizes this correlation and applies a unique algorithm to calculate cortisol level changes. This provides a very accurate measurement of stress levels.


EmoGraphy allows you to offer a short term stress monitoring solution that is robust, accurate and delivers meaningful results.

Robustness: Micro climate

• Accurate conductivity measurements, irrespective of environmental conditions
• constant optimum contact with the skin due to special conductive rubber electrodes or a rubber back plate combined with platinum electrodes
• This unique design ensures EmoGraphy is always capable to measure, unlike other skin conductance methods

Accuracy: Affordable sensor design with high resolution

• A variety of skin types, personality types and environmental conditions are covered due to the sensor’s combination of high resolution and high dynamic range
• Motion robustness is achieved through a fast sampling rate (up to 160 Hz), filtering out most motion artefacts

Meaningful: Actionable results

• Translates skin conductance measurements into an estimated cortisol change
• Delivers actionable advice, not just abstract data typically associated with physical fitness trackers
• Maintains optimal brain performance by helping the user keep out of the ‘bad zones’, avoiding under- and over-stimulation


With the aid of consumers, we have initially developed a concept based on EmoGraphy: CognitiveZone. More concepts can be added – you can also develop your own.

CognitiveZone – improve your emotional state

By remaining in a zone of optimal emotional stimulation, you can avoid both drowsiness and too much stress. This is the objective of CognitiveZone. It helps the user be aware of their emotional state. In the illustration below, the green zone represents the area of emotional fitness, essential for healthy lifestyle and optimal cognitive performance. A predictive algorithm signals possible swings into yellow or red zones, with coaching advice given to help the user stay in the zone. 


A license to use our EmoGraphy solutions package gives you all you need to offer personal relevant coaching strategies for stress management. The licence includes:

• EmoGraphy software with algorithms, data analysis and interpretation of the signal
• Sensor reference design for the optimal measurements

A separate license can be obtained for a rules-based coaching module and coaching strategies that makes use of the specific outputs of EmoState and SleepReady

By helping consumers achieve and maintain better emotional fitness, EmoGraphy adds value to your wearable. The low-power and cost-effective hardware design makes it perfect for wearables and 24-hour monitoring. You are free to add more concepts to the EmoState and SleepReady concepts already provided.

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