The Philips TV & STB (Set-Top Box) patent licensing program grants companies access to a broad range of technologies used in today’s television receivers and TV display devices such as TVs, media-receivers, and cable, satellite, terrestrial or IP set-top boxes. The Philips TV & STB patent portfolio comprises around 125 patent-families, but does not include patents for technologies that are covered by specific standards*. This portfolio mostly consists of non-standard-essential patents which are granted in the main countries in Europe, Asia and the USA. The TV & STB patent licensing program was introduced in 2008 and since then most top brands worldwide have been licensed under the Philips TV patents. Companies that wish to use these technologies for their TVs and STBs can obtain a patent license from Philips under the patents in the TV & STB portfolio.

*Excluded standards are: MPEG-2 video, MPEG-4 video, AVC, MVC, HEVC, VC-1, MP3, AAC, MPEG surround, HDMI, IEEE 1394, MPEG2/4-system layer, ATSC, GSM, UMTS/LTE, WiFi, SL-HDR. A patent license for these technologies is available through license pools or through other Philips license programs. For questions please contact us via the contact button 

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The technologies licensed in this program are:

  • Audio processing
  • Broadcast & interactive TV technologies
  • Content protection technologies
  • Streaming content & services
  • In home networking technologies
  • TV Display and hardware solutions
  • Program Guide & User interface technologies
  • Remote Control technologies
  • 3D Video & Display technologies
  • HDR technologies

If you have questions about the license coverage, please contact us via the contact button.


Philips offers several license options under the TV& STB patent licensing program:

A) Portfolio license with different royalty rates applicable to specific product categories such as: basic SD/HD TV or STB, smart SD/HD TV or STB, smart 4k UHD STB, smart 4k UHD TV with static HDR and smart 4k UHD TV with dynamic HDR. The royalty rate for each product category covers several licensed out technologies (blended rate) and can be reviewed in Annex C of the template agreement (downloadable through the link below).

B) A license for individual technology clusters only. This limited patent license incorporates a technology-by-product royalty calculation based on the specific technology/function(s) applied in the product. Each technology/function has a corresponding royalty rate (see table below). The total royalty for each product is the sum of the royalties for the technologies as used in the country of manufacture or sale. This license may require discussion with your Philips contact for each new or revised product. As an example, you find the template patent license agreement for the HDCP 2 technology through the link below.
The Standard Rates for specific technologies/functions in a limited patent license are listed in the table below.

C) Separate licenses for Standard Essential Patents (SEP), and non-SEP are available on request.

Each license option defines a Standard Rate and a Compliance Rate. The Compliance Rate is only applicable in case of timely payment of royalties each calendar quarter and full compliance with the terms of the underlying license agreement, otherwise the Standard Rate will apply.

Royalties for licenses under the TV/STB program are in Euro and the rates can differ per Territory. As a licensee you will have to report quarterly the volume of the licensed products sold. The royalty due is the volume multiplied by the applicable royalty per unit.

Limited License Technology Clusters Standard Rate
Broadcast technologies  €       0.06
Audio Processing (excluding Codecs)  €       0.06 
InHome Networking  €       0.12
Content Protection  €       0.28
Display technology  €       0.30
User Interface & control  €       0.29
Streaming & services  €       0.13
RF4CE  €       0.13
3D Video  €       0.24
High Dynamic Range (excluding SL-HDR)  €       0.56

All royalty rates on this website are offered as group rates for a plurality of patents. The royalty rate for any individual patent in a portfolio or cluster would not receive the benefit of the group rate. Accordingly, group rates are not appropriate for the basis of apportioning a value to any individual patent in a portfolio or cluster. The offered rates are provided without the need of litigation and have not been determined based on the conditions of a “Hypothetical Negotiation.”    

Becoming a Licensee

Respecting Intellectual Property Rights of others and offering licensed products to your customers is a meaningful way to secure business and growths and will strengthen the industry and your business for the long term.

If you determined that one of the technologies listed above is used in your products, as a manufacturer or brand owner of TVs and/or STBs you should expect to need a patent license from Philips for the legitimate use of our patented technologies. Philips IP specialists operate globally and can clarify the technical scope of the patents, present claim-charts and discuss business arrangements.

We recommend the following steps:

1. Get in touch with us
Express your interest in a license for the TV & STB program and request a meeting with a Philips IP licensing representative.

2. Evaluate Philips TV& STB patent portfolio
Based on the material presented by Philips, and your knowledge of your products, you will need to evaluate the relevance of the patent portfolio for your products.

3. Conclude a license agreement
Identify which of the available license agreements will fit best with the requirements of your business. Philips can clarify and discuss the terms & conditions of the license agreement as required.


Q: How is Past use taken into account?
A: Past Use is calculated based on the volumes sold before you have entered into a TV/STB license agreement and is payable in a lump-sum.

Q: What is a blended rate?
A: A blended rate is a flat rate for all products of a product-category and technologies/functions offered for this product category. It provides for easy reporting without the need to supply detailed information about products sold.

Q: Which companies are already licensed?
A: Philips has licensed its TV& STB patent portfolio to many TV and STB manufactures, including all the top brands worldwide.

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