Accurate contactless pulse and breathing rate measurement

Remotely measuring heart & breathing rate with Standard / IR Camera
By sensing changes in skin color and movement of body (chest)

Today’s consumers want more control over all aspects of their lives – their health, their well-being and even their emotional responses. Philips VitalSigns Camera technology makes that possible in any situation

As a world leader in HealthTech, Philips has drawn on its extensive in-house expertise in optics, video, and signal processing to create this unique technology. Through any standard video camera it simultaneously measures pulse and breathing rate with unrivalled reliability and accuracy – even when the person is moving.

Philips VitalSigns Camera technology is available for licensing to 3rd party manufacturers, and Philips can offer support to help you bring exciting new applications to market.

Pulse and breathing rate data are vital information whether you are monitoring your health or trying to maximize your workout. They are also key physiological indicators of emotion, and can even be used as biofeedback to aid relaxation and control stress.

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How it works

Whenever the heart beats, the skin color changes because of the extra blood running through the vessels. These tiny skin color changes are undetectable by the human eye, but the Philips VitalSigns Camera algorithms amplify these color changes to calculate an accurate pulse rate signal by analyzing the frequency of the color changes. For respiration the camera focuses on the rise and fall of the chest and abdomen. Again, by amplify these motions via the unique Philips algorithms, an accurate breathing rate is calculated. The measurements are completely unobtrusive and no uncomfortable pads or electrodes need to be worn.

The technology works with any skin type. What’s more, it has been proven in real-world tests to be the most accurate contactless technique for measuring vital signs. It can be integrated with low-cost cameras, and doesn’t require any specialist knowledge to use – making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Philips VitalSigns Camera is motion robust. It uses facial tracking to get an accurate reading during motion, for example when the user is moving in front of the camera or the whole environment is moving. This ensures always a pulse and breathing rate can be calculated.

• Uses remote PPG (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy)
• Camera tracks rise/fall of chest and abdomen to determine respiration rate
• Tiny changes in skin color caused by HR are detected (invisible micro-blushes)
• Philips solved many challenges associated with this technique (motion, light, etc.)


• Contactless and unobtrusive
• Proven to be as accurate as on-body sensors
• Simultaneous heart and breathing rate measurements with one camera capable of monitoring multiple people simultaneously
• Robust to person movement (when supported with sufficient processing power)
• Hygienic, no need for consumables or sensor cleaning
• Long range (between 1 and 5 meters, depending on camera)


Wellness products

Manufacturers can combine VitalSigns Camera technology with a camera, in a phone, tablet, toys or any electronic wellness product, and you have an ideal solution for “quantified self” applications.
By providing accurate, unobtrusive pulse and breathing rate measurements anywhere, they enable “self tracking” of your moods, sleep patterns, activity levels and other everyday activities.

In the car

High-end vehicles are starting to feature driver monitoring cameras to improve safety and well-being. VitalSigns Camera technology lets you take this trend further.
Its accurate pulse and breathing rate data can help spot driver drowsiness, stress and attention levels, allowing the car to provide feedback or adjust environmental controls. The contactless technology doesn’t disturb the driver and works reliably irrespective of driver movement or posture – without having to be adjusted for different drivers.

Other potential applications

• Sport and fitness
• Gaming
• Broadcasting
• (Outdoor) advertisement
• Security

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