What is HDR?

Philips teams up with Technicolor to bring the best HDR experience to the homes

The beauty of an image resides in its wealth of details, what our eyes can see. High dynamic Range (HDR) video brings a next level of immersive experience to the viewer. The difference between current standard dynamic range (SDR) and HDR video is stunning. 

With HDR, details that cannot be seen on current TVs become visible. Everything becomes shinier in the sun, and dark details can be seen like never before, making everything from horror movies to nature documentaries more realistic than ever. HDR has a direct impact on the way we experience movies.  Content becomes more engaging, with more impact on our emotions.

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Philips and Technicolor present

Advanced HDR by Technicolor technology

Philips has  spent more than 10 years researching and developing an HDR technology that allows the ARTISTIC INTENT defined by the movie directors and the studios to be transmitted intact into the living room, on any TV set, at low cost.
Technicolor is a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector: its world class research and innovation laboratories enable it to lead the market in delivering advanced video services to the whole ecosystem from content creators to distributors.
With Advanced HDR by Technicolor, Philips and Technicolor are committed to supporting the delivery of exciting new experiences for consumers in theaters and at home.  They team up in developing further the technology and co-promoting it.

Advanced HDR by Technicolor technology brings the following benefits to the industry:
► Multiple Formats supported: Technicolor’s award-winning distribution solution accepts all different HDR formats and displays them in the same stunning HDR.
► Single Stream: A single stream for the delivery of all SDR and HDR content equals more efficient use of network resources, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure upgrades
► Uninterrupted HDR: Technicolor’s award-winning HDR solution automatically up-converts intermixed SDR content, such as advertising, so viewers can enjoy a consistent, uninterrupted HDR experience.

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