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Since January 2016, Philips and Technicolor have joined forces to develop and market HDR solutions to optimize images quality for production, distribution and rendering on any Consumer Device.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) can clearly bring better images, improve content quality and increase end user immersive experience. However, the increasing mix of content format (SDR, HLG, PQ…) is leading to challenges on how to best capture, produce, store, distribute and display high quality content.

To help content producers, distributors and consumer device manufacturers to meet these challenges, Philips and Technicolor have developed Advanced HDR by Technicolor, covering two HDR technologies:

- Technicolor HDR ITM (Intelligent Tone Management) a solution converting any legacy SDR content into high quality HDR (PQ, HLG…)

- Technicolor HDR also known as SL-HDR, a Single Layer HDR format creation tool, converting any high quality HDR into high quality SDR and /or generating the SL-HDR distribution formats standardized as part of ETSI TS 103-433


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Added Value

The added value of Advanced HDR by Technicolor technologies is that they are dynamic and tunable.

Dynamic means that an optimized conversion or calculation is done for each individual image,maximizing their dynamic range thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms that will favor granularity of details where needed (dark areas, bright spots, large bright areas…)

The tuning capabilities of these technologies also enable content creators to match any targeted native HDR when up-converting native SDR content with Technicolor HDR ITM for example:

For distribution, the SL-HDR (Single Layer HDR) distribution formats enable to offer optimized SDR and HDR images to consumer devices with a single stream, optimize bandwidth and cost.

Much more examples are available for how Advanced HDR by Technicolor can help you optimizing Quality, Costs and Ease of Use.
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Adoption & Deployment

Advanced HDR by Technicolor solutions are already widely implemented:

- By Professional equipment manufacturers

- By leading broadcasters

- By all major TV and STB SoC manufacturers…

Please visit the following link for more information: https://www.technicolor.com/distribute/home-experience/play/hdr

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Learn more about Advanced HDR by Technicolor through the following shared experiences and webinars.

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