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Licensing programs

A. Functionality
Our licensing programs are usually aimed at functionalities. Particularly true of hardware, one product may have multiple functions, e.g. a DVD-Video player can also play Video CD and CD discs and provides Surround Sound.

B. Patents
We offer both our own (so-called Philips-only) patents and those of other companies (Joint).

Please note: the list may not be comprehensive. It is possible that Philips has other applicable patents.In the list below you can select the license programs you want to browse or get contacted about. You can click on the individual links or select a set of license programs at once.

Audio Neurofeedback System


BD Players/Recorders (Philips patents only)

BD ROM Movie Data Disc (Philips patents only)

BD-R Disc (Philips patents only) VEEZA

BD-RE Disc (Philips patents only) VEEZA

BeClear Speech Enhancement

BodySenz - Body Mass Composition Analyzer

CD Disc (Joint)

CD Disc (Philips only)

CD player (Joint)

CD Player (Philips only)

CD-R Disc (Joint)

CD-R Disc (Philips only) Veeza

CD-RW Disc (Joint)

CD-RW Disc (Philips only)

CD-RW Recorder (Joint)

CD-RW Recorder (Philips only)

DVD+R Disc (Joint)

DVD+R Disc (Philips only)

DVD+RW Disc (Joint)

DVD+RW Disc (Philips only)

DVD+RW/+R Recorder (Joint)

DVD+RW/+R Recorder (Philips only)

DVD-Audio Disc (Joint)

DVD-Audio Disc (Philips only)

DVD-Audio Player (Joint)

DVD-Audio Player (Philips only)

DVD-R Disc (Joint)

DVD-R Disc (Philips only)

DVD-R/-RW Recorder (Joint)

DVD-R/-RW Recorder (Philips only)

DVD-RAM Recorder (Philips Only)

DVD-RW Disc (Joint)

DVD-RW Disc (Philips only)

DVD-Video / ROM Disc (Joint)

DVD-Video / ROM Disc (Philips only)

DVD-Video / ROM Player (Joint)

DVD-Video / ROM Player (Philips only)

EmoGraphy Stress Management

EnabLED Licensing Program for LED Luminaires and Retrofit Bulbs

eSkin Smart Windows and Signing

IEEE 1394, FireWire, i.Link

LED Signage Licensing Program

Luminescent Solar Concentrator


MPEG-2 Audio (MPEG-2 AAC)

MPEG-2 Visual

MPEG-4 Audio (MPEG-4 AAC)

MPEG-4 Visual

Non Standard Multisession (Joint)

Non Standard Multisession (Philips Only)

Philips HDR Technology

SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions

Smart Metering

Super Audio CD Disc (Joint)

Super Audio CD Disc (Philips only)

Super Audio CD Player (Joint)

Super Audio CD Player (Philips only)


Text to Speech

Touch-Enabled Devices

TV & Set-Top Boxes

uWand Direct Pointing Control



Video CD Disc (Joint)

Video CD Disc (Philips only)

Video CD Player (Joint)

Video CD Player (Philips only)

VitalSigns Camera

VitalSigns Optical

Wireless Power