Video CD Player (Joint)


Welcome to Philips’ Video CD Player joint licensing program – use the navigation on the right to find all the relevant information related to this program.

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Video CD Player Patent License

We offer patent licenses to manufacturers of Video CD Player. Our combined licensed provides Video CD Player manufacturers with all the required Philips, Sony, Matsushita, JVC, France Telecom and Institut Rundfunktechnik patents in a package. Separate licenses are also offered by Sony, Matsushita, JVC, France Telecom and Institut Rundfunktechnik under their respective patents. For information the conditions of these separate licenses, please contact these other parties directly.

Philips offers a Philips-only license that covers the Philips patents patents for Video CD Player. For full details, click Video CD Player (Philips only)

For the dedicated Sony License Program see :

Licensing policy
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