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DVD+R Disc Patent License

We offer patent licenses to manufacturers of DVD+R discs. Our joint license provides DVD+R disc manufacturers with all the required Philips, Sony and HP patents in a package. Please note that separate licenses are also offered by Sony and HP under their respective patents. For information on the conditions of these separate licenses, please contact these other parties directly.

Philips offers a Philips-only license that covers the Philips patents for DVD+R Disc. For full details, click DVD+R Disc (Philips only)

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Licensing policy

Philips has a general licensing policy for CD, DVD and BD related products.


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Detailed Description

The detailed terms and conditions of the licensing program are described in the patent license agreement that you can find in the patents/agreements section.

Some important information:
The joint DVD+R Disc Patent License Agreement comprises the essential patents of Philips, Sony, and Pioneer. A worldwide list of the essential patents, together with applicable expiry dates, is attached to the agreement. Under the terms of the standard license agreement we only require payment of royalties of patents where any of these are actually used – in other words, either in the country of manufacture or in the country of sale.

DVD+R disc licensees have at all times the option to transfer to the latest version of the DVD+R Disc Patent License Agreement. In the event of such transfer, Philips shall not require payment of the entrance fee under the new license agreement.

Reference copies of the current version of the Philips DVD +R Disc Patent License Agreement, together with the relevant annexes, including worldwide patent lists, can be found in the patents/agreements section and the annexes section.

Patent countries and non-patent countries
As the patent list indicates, patents exist on national basis. Royalties are only due for products using a patent in the country where the patent exists, whether by manufacture, import, sale or otherwise.

Manufacturers based in countries where no essential patent exists, or due to expiry no longer exist, but whose products are distributed also in countries where the patent still subsists, may opt to enter into a DVD Limited License & Non Assertion Agreement covering such situation.

Manufacturers based in countries, where essential patents still exist may opt to transfer to the latest version of the DVD Patent License Agreement.

DVD+ReWritable Introduction
The pre-recorded DVD-Video (Digital Versatile Disc) can store 4.7 gigabyte of information corresponding to more than two hours of high- quality digital video on a single-sided (CD-size) 12 cm disc. Though pre-recorded DVDs (DVD-ROM and DVD-Video discs) have been around for a while, recordable and rewritable DVDs are a more recent but crucial development. Several rewritable formats exist: DVD+RW, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM. Of these, DVD+RW, developed in co-operation by Hewlett-Packard, Mitsubishi Chemical, Philips, Ricoh, Sony and Yamaha, provides a breakthrough in DVD technology: a rewritable format that provides full compatibility with existing DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM drives. As consumer and IT applications for DVD continue to converge, DVD+RW provides a disc format suitable for both real-time video recording and random data recording - the best of both worlds - in a system that also offers effective means to prevent unauthorized copying of copyright-protected content. 

DVD+RW how it works brochure

DVD+RW Video format
DVD+RW Video is encoded in MPEG2 with variable bit-rate, providing high bit-rates where necessary while no storage capacity is wasted in scenes with less dynamic video. This means that with the same disc capacity much longer recording times can be achieved, or the recording quality can be further improved without reducing the recording time. DVD-Video playback compatibility with real-time variable bit-rate recording is achieved by using 'Lossless linking', a technique developed specifically for DVD+RW.

Simplified editing
Philips' DVD+RW Video technology also offers easy-to-use-editing facilities. Whereas editing private camcorder material on conventional equipment generally requires two video devices, random access to a DVD+RW disc means editing can be done using a single DVD Video Recorder. This brings editing within reach of the average consumer and makes it quick and very easy to use.

DVD+RW: PC applications and file handling
In DVD+RW, data is arranged on a disc according to the industry-standard UDF (Universal Disc Format) standardized and published by OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association). UDF is well suited to handling file changes and (random) writing of small amounts of data, and facilitates the design of multiplatform applications. Today, UDF is increasingly used for writing to CD-RW discs instead of the less flexible ISO9660 file system format that was developed to handle read-only data applications. Virtually platform-independent, UDF makes DVD systems highly compatible with CD-based data systems. Also, being designed to handle the massive capacities of future optical storage systems, UDF provides excellent forward compatibility.

The main DVD+RW features
o Single-sided disc with 4.7 GB capacity
o Double-sided disc with 9.4 GB capacity
o Uses a bare disc - no cartridge required
o 650 nm laser (numerical aperture 0.65)
o Constant linear data density
o CLV and CAV recording
o Write speeds from I x to 2.4x DVD-Video data rates
o Defect management handled by the drive
o Quick formatting o Uses same 8-16 Modulation and RS code as DVD-ROM
o Recording :(Sequential and random recording, 32 kB ECC blocks, Lossless linking)
o Address information: (Spiral groove with radial wobble (32T period), Phase modulation addresses, Four addresses per ECC block of 32 kB)
o After recording all physical parameters comply with the DVD-ROM specification.

Patents / Agreements

Below you find patent lists and relevant agreements for DVD+R Disc.

DVD+R Disc Patent lists 
The essential patents and their expiry dates. Please click the link to open the PDF file.

Exhibit E1 - Essential Philips' patents relevant to DVD+R disc

Exhibit E1 - Essential Sony's Patents relevant to DVD +R Disc

Exhibit E1 – Essential HP's Patents relevant to DVD+ R Disc

+ link to change history of patent lists

Reference copies of the current version of the DVD+R Disc Patent License Agreement.
Please click the link to open the PDF file.

These versions are intended for prospective licensees:

DVD+R Disc Patent License Agreement
+ Manufacturer located in U.S.A

DVD+R Disc Patent License Agreement (Philips/Sony/HP) - USA -

+ Manufacturer located in Rest of the World

DVD+R Disc Patent License Agreement (Philips/Sony/HP) - Rest of the World -

Letter Agreement

Letter Agreement to the DVD+R Disc Patent License Agreement - USA/Rest of the World -

To view Royalty Reporting Forms, Audit Guidelines, Manufacturing Equipment list and Side Letters go to section Annexes


Pricing Information

The royalty rate is determined by one key factor:

1) Status of the licensee
If the company fulfills certain conditions, such as complete, true and accurate reporting and timely payment, reward rates are available. Otherwise the standard rate applies.

Note of caution
Compliance reward royalty rates are only made available to licensees who are in FULL compliance with their obligations under the license agreement

  JOINT Standard rate JOINT Compliant
reward rate
DVD+R Disc 0.010 USD N.A.

Please note:
In the event of any discrepancy in respect of the above information with relevant license agreements, the license agreements shall prevail. All terms and conditions will be subject to relevant license agreements.

Overview of royalty rates for all formats
+ link to overview of royalty rates for all formats

Services / Information

Ordering & Services:
We provide a number of services for optical disc and drive manufacturers. These include:
· Physical and logical verification
· Specification documents
· Test discs
· Tools

. Ordering specifications
. Ordering Information Agreements

For more information go to the Ordering & Services section


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What is the DVD+RW Alliance?
The DVD+RW Alliance seeks to develop and promote a universally compatible, rewritable DVD format to enable true convergence between personal computing and consumer electronics products. The DVD+RW Alliance is a voluntary group of industry-leading personal computing manufacturers, optical storage and electronics manufacturers including Dell, Hewlett-Packard Company, MCC/Verbatim, Philips Electronics, Ricoh Company Ltd., Sony Corporation, Thomson multimedia and Yamaha Corporation.

Their website:

What is Lossless linking?
In the DVD+RW Video format, video can be encoded with a variable bit-rate (VBR). Because the writing process takes place at a constant bit rate, the writing process needs to be suspended and continued frequently. Normally, this would result in a linking loss, making the disc incompatible with read-only devices like DVD Video players and DVD-ROM drives. With DVD+RW it is possible to perform lossless linking, i.e. to suspend and continue the writing process without linking loss. This feature makes the format very efficient and suitable for random write in data as well as video applications. Additionally, lossless linking makes it possible to replace any individual 32 kB block (recording unit) by a new one, without losing compatibility. For lossless linking it is necessary to write any data block in the correct position with high accuracy (within I micron). For this purpose the groove is mastered with a high wobble frequency (817 kHz at n= I), which ensures that the writing can be started and stopped at an accurately defined position. The writing clock as obtained from this groove is very accurate. At the same time, address information is stored in this wobbled groove by locally inverting the sign of the wobbled waveform. For each ECC block, which is 32 kB, four addresses exist, resulting in a reliable address format with large detection margins.

What about DVD+RW compatibility?

DVD+RW Physical format
DVD+RW is designed to be used for both data and video content across PC and entertainment applications. DVD+RW recognises that these applications are rapidly converging, and that content must be portable across various types of equipment. DVD+RW has therefore been designed to be compatible with existing DVD-ROM and DVD-Video formats. An important benefit for PC applications is the capability of the DVD+RW format to allow 'CAV recording' (Constant Angular Velocity). Due to the constant rotation speed of the disc CAV recording allows for fast random access. Yet two other benefits are the incorporation of 'Defect management', especially designed for reliability of the data, and 'Quick formatting', enabling instant use of blank discs. Above-mentioned benefits support the use of the format in data systems requiring high performance. For video applications the format has the capability of 'losses linking' allowing to use variable bit rate recording for longer playing times.

DVD+RW Alliance adds Write Once capability to DVD+RW format
The DVD+RW Alliance, a group of companies committed to the benefits of the DVD+RW format, today announced the addition of write-once (DVD+R) capabilities to rewritable DVD+RW products slated to be introduced this summer.

Press Release

Does Philips provide Formatters for mastering systems?
Yes. For info go to our Mastering/Analyzers page

What is VCPS?
VCPS is an innovative technology for encrypting video recordings on DVD+R and DVD+RW discs. Designed to protect recordings of digital broadcast according to the Broadcast Flag rules adopted by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), VCPS also enables direct digital recording of 'copy-once' content from satellite and cable sources.
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